Digital Signature Solutions for Local Government

Timeframes for signature of Evaluation Reports and Contracts have reduced from 1 to 2 weeks into a matter of an afternoon. Cost and time saving is literally immeasurable, and has paved the way for us to move wholly into a paperless office.

Sophie Beers, Procurement Officer, Yarra Ranges Council Case Study - Yarra RangesDownload Case Study

For Manningham, the primary driver has been about simplicity and making it quicker and simpler for people to sign, but it is nice to know we are also introducing a clearer audit trail into our signing process.

Tim Lawson, Manager of Procurement Contracts, Maningham City Council

City Councils are producing multiple hard copies of contracts, correspondence, and reports for signing purposes with suppliers and service providers. Documents that require signatories from multiple Council’s personnel and external parties are often singed, scanned, and sent back by fax, e-mail, or the post. This lengthy, inefficient, and costly operation slows down and affects Council’s business processes.

Secured Signing’s easy to use, compliant, and secure electronic signature solution eliminates the paper trail and allows Councils and their business associates to quickly sign hundreds of documents with no hardware to install or software to purchase and download.

By using Secured Signing’s service, Councils’ employees can digitally sign and invite others to sign, manage, and monitor the signing process, view progress reports, and get better control and visibility. Furthermore, Secured Signing’s Form Direct allows City Councils to transfer any form to its electronic equivalent, fill-in, or invite an external party to complete details and utilise the online signing option if required. The prompt, full and secure information is immediately available on Council’s system enhancing advanced and improved customer service, dramatic reduction of time spent and costs, and the promotion of a green, paperless environment.