Secured Signing for Finance

Secured Signing is a compliant, safe and easy to use digital signatures solution that can streamline and accelerate your business processes.

The Secured Signing service provides an innovative, compliant solution for digitally signing online documents. It offers finance companies of any size full visibility and control of internal and external operations.

Significantly reduce errors, time spent and costs related to the business processes. With Secured Signing the approval, processing, and follow up of loan applications, leasing agreements, data collection, transactions, and any correspondence takes just minutes!

With just a click of a mouse you can sign and send out documents to your employees and customers, invite others to sign, include a witness, receive a progress report of the document signing status, manage your signing process from start to finish and more.

Our daily signing process became faster and much more efficient with no environmental footprint

Gadi Hadar, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Easy Forex

In a competitive environment, providing customers the speed, convenience and simplicity of signing online is a must. In selecting the signing method you offer your customers, don’t sacrifice compliance for convenience. The risk is too high. Electronic signatures and digital signatures are not the same thing. Download our one page reference to compare the benefits of digital signing over electronic signatures.